Bishop Knisely’s “Lent is not Rocket Science” Book of Meditations on Science & Religion Now for Sale


40 Days of Lent

Lent is Not Rocket Science: An Exploration of God, Creation and the Cosmos

W. Nicholas Knisely

The season of Lent prompts us to ask questions, big and small, about the nature of our being, and about our role in the world. Astronomer, physicist and Episcopal Bishop W. Nicholas Knisely explores the intersection of faith and science, creation and the cosmos in Lent is Not Rocket Science: An Exploration of God, Creation and the Cosmos, jointly published by Forward Movement and Morehouse.

Bishop Knisely reflects on every level of creation from the largest (cosmos) to the smallest (quantum) in these daily Lenten meditations. He explains these significant and sometimes complex scientific concepts in a clear, succinct way through the lens of faith.

“Paying attention to the world around us—to the intricate structures of nature, to the mind-bending reality of the cosmic and microscopic realms—will invite us to recognize that the God we worship, and with whom we have an ongoing relationship, is present in the raging storm, the fiery whirlwind of the surface of a star, and the deep silence of intergalactic space,” Knisely explains.

Each day’s devotion begins with a meditative scripture passage, followed by a reflection. Questions at the end of each reflection invite you to think even more deeply as you seek God in every molecule, atom, and quantum particle of Creation.With his devotions as a guide this Lent, you’ll come to the conclusion that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see God’s hand in all of creation, from the unimaginable expanse of galaxies to the inexplicable nature of atoms, in the fire that turns palm fronds into ashes and in the rainbows formed on oil-slicked puddles.

To order Lent Is Not Rocket Science: An Exploration of God, Creation and the Cosmos, For a review copy or to receive a digital copy of Lent is Not Rocket Science to reprint up to three meditations, please contact Miriam McKenney.

The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely was consecrated in 2012 as the 13th Bishop of the Diocese of Rhode Island. Prior to his election as bishop, he served as a priest in Delaware, Western and Eastern Pennsylvania and as dean of Trinity Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona. Bishop Knisely earned an undergraduate degree in physics and astronomy and did graduate work in cosmology and solid state physics before entering seminary. He taught physics and astronomy for seven years at Lehigh University and is part of the Episcopal Network for Science, Technology & Faith.

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