Convention Address 2022

At our Diocesan Convention on November 5, the Bishop spoke about the need to identify and uplift younger leadership. Watch his address here.


Holy Eucharist of Convention

The Holy Eucharist of Convention was held on Friday, November 4 at 7 pm, at St Luke’s Church in East Greenwich. The recording is available on St Luke’s YouTube page:

Convention 2021

The Diocese of Rhode Island’s 230th Diocesan Convention will be held November 6, 2021 via Zoom. Anyone who would like to view the meeting may do so on this page beginning at 9 am. Below you will find the materials to be reviewed in preparation for convention.

2022 Budget


Nominations and Appointments, Ballot

Biographical information on Nominees

Report from the Standing Committee

Report from Diocesan Council

Report from the Commission on Ministry

Report from Creation Care Committee

Report on ECC Solar Farm


Proposed resolutions are available to read below.

A Prayer for Discernment and Decision Making for the Diocese of Rhode Island

Establishing Compensation for Deacons

Integrity of Religious Exemptions in Medical Coverage

Changes to the Constitution, Canons, and Standing Rules of Order of the Diocese of Rhode Island

for reference: The Constitution, Canons, and Standing Rules of Order, and a Comparison Chart of Changes

The Resolutions were presented on 10/13. You may watch the recording here:


The first budget presentation was held on 9/15. You may watch the recording here:

Special Convention 2020


Our Special Convention was convened on November 7, 2020, beginning at 9:00 AM via Zoom video conference. You may see a recording of the meeting and view documents on this page.


Agenda    Resolutions 2018 Gen. Convention  Memo for Amended Rules of Order   Amended Rules of Order     2021 Budget    Nominations for Standing Committee     Transcript of the Bishop’s Address

Thank you Video – I See You

Diocesan Convention Journals

What to know what went on during last year’s convention — or one several years ago? Read what has happened using the archive of conventions throughout the years below.

Read the Diocesan Conventions Journals:


Certificate of Delegates 2024 to Diocesan Convention



Delegates and Alternates certifies that delegates and alternates for Diocesan Convention have been duly elected to present their congregation at the Diocesan Convention. This certificate must be sent to the Diocesan Office within 30 days after their election by the congregation. After your 2023 Annual Meeting, please complete this form and return to the Diocesan Office. This form must be signed. You may fill out the form on screen and sign with either a digital signature (if enabled), or a handwritten signature. Print, scan the signed form, and email to You may, of course, fill out the entire form by hand. Completed forms may also be mailed to Mary Ann at 275 North Main Street, Providence RI 02903.