Chaplains to Retired Clergy & Spouses

The chaplains to the retired clergy of the diocese provide an ongoing ministry of support and connection. The following members of RI Clergy serve as chaplains to retired clergy and their spouses. On behalf of the bishop, they host luncheons or other events to help retired clergy and spouses connect and enjoy time together.

  • The Rev. Noël Bailey, Edwards Homes, Providence,, 401-484-4097
  • The Rev. Phil Devens, Edwards Homes, Providence,, 401-480-3155
  • The Rev. Gary Lemery, Jamestown,, 401-423-0779
  • The Rev. Iris Mello, Cranston,, 401-781-6386
  • The Rev. Peter Michaelson, Warwick,, 401-780-9618