Church profile: Christ Church, Lonsdale

Christ Church dates its founding to 1833, when Episcopalians in the mill village of Lonsdale began holding services in the village schoolhouse. The next year, worshippers gathered at the school house to formally organized themselves into an Episcopal parish, which was accepted into the diocese at the 1834 Diocesan Convention.

In early 1835, the Lonsdale Company, whose mills employed most of the parishioners, contributed $2,000 toward the construction of a church, and the land on which to build it. Christ Church has remained a part of the Lonsdale community since 1835, originally as a place where people could shower and exercise after work, or attend literacy classes before the popularity of public education. When the first church burned in 1883, the Lonsdale Company built the current church building on the same site in 1884.

Today Christ Church continues to thrive. Many members have deep roots, with generations of their families attending, while newer members find a place in the close-knit community. The thrift shop is a flourishing asset to the community, offering gently used clothing and household items at reasonable prices.

Christ Church, 1645 Lonsdale Ave., Lincoln; 401-725-1920
The Rev. Alvin Marcetti, Vicar.
Bishop’s visitation March 31, 2019.