Church Profile: St. Paul’s, Portsmouth

St. Paul’s held its first service July 7, 1833, thanks to two women who used to row from Portsmouth to St. Michel’s in Bristol. Now, after earlier growth years, the historic church is well-loved and cared for by current members. Some members grew up here, others have come to St. Paul’s after moving into the area and still others have been received into the Episcopal Church. The congregation is a mix of energetic, mostly older people who love the church and nearby community.
The Portsmouth Art Guild is housed in the Parish House, so church meetings and potlucks are always in a beautiful setting! The former rectory is used by two professional groups. These historic buildings are a constant challenge! Behind the church is an historic cemetery — many of our current members have relatives in that “backyard.”
St. Paul’s, 2679 E. Main Road, Portsmouth; 401-683-1164; the Rev. Marilyn Mason, priest-in-charge.Visitation will be January 27. Website
St. Paul's, Portsmouth