Clergy and Congregations Center

Support for the Lay and Clergy leaders of our congregations as they carry out the mission of the church.

IMG-4195The Bishop’s office is here to provide the clergy and congregations of Rhode Island with tools and resources needed to be good stewards of our people, finances and buildings.

Leading your Church

Whether your church is run by volunteers or has a parish administrator, this is where you’ll find the forms and documents you’ll need throughout the year. Check it out for human resources info such as employee insurance and  The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer, and required trainings such as Safe Church, Cultural Diversity Training and Lay Eucharistic Visitor licensing.

Leading your Diocese

If you are a member of a diocesan leadership body or are looking for information about one, this section will guide you to the right page. The diocese is led by bodies of clergy and laity from our congregations. Here you can learn about who is involved in each of these bodies, and keep track of what is happening in the diocese on a statewide level.