Safe Church Program

The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Rhode Island recognize the potential for harm when a priest, lay employee or volunteer engages in sexual exploitation, harassment or abuse in one of our churches or institutions. Thus, we, like most Episcopal dioceses, offer training and resources that include suggestions for safe ways of interacting with children, youth and adults in the church. We also provide “Intake Officers” who are trained to receive any allegations or concerns. Contact or Canon Linda L. Grenz, Canon to the Ordinary at (401-274-4500 or 413-221-0571)

Safe Church Training

Safe Church Training is a required certification program for clergy, Licensed Eucharistic Visitors, employees and those who volunteer in programs for children and youth. This training is also recommended for  vestry members and lay people in leadership positions. The program is grounded in our call to seek and serve Christ in all persons and to respect the dignity of every human being.

Safe Church training is offered as an online program.  The clergy and vestries of each individual church are responsible for oversight of their parishioners and staff who need to take the training.  Contact your parish priest or parish administrator for access to the training. Log in and begin your training >

Use this information to register:
1. Go to
2. Enter the registration code: dioRI401
3. Fill out the form and click the link to enroll. Choose your parish from the organization drop down menu.
4. Print the page or write down your user login and password for future reference.
5. To begin taking training immediately, click the link or follow the instructions to the right to login later.

Use this information to log in:
1. Go to
2. Enter your login and password.
3. Click the orange LOGIN button.
4. On the next page, scroll down the page a bit until you see the courses listed.
5. Click the title of the course to open and view it.


Upcoming Trainings

For information about upcoming training sessions contact Cn. Betsy Fornal at or call 401-274-4500 x225.

Reporting an incident of misconduct

To report an incident of misconduct by a lay volunteer or church employee in a parish, in addition to contacting any relevant civil authorities, please contact the priest of the parish.

To report an allegation of  misconduct by a clergy person, in addition to contacting any relevant civil authorities, please contact either one of the two diocesan Intake Officers, who are responsible for beginning the Church’s own investigation process:

The Rev. Craig Swan —
The Rev. Canon Linda L. Grenz — or call 401-274-4500 or 413-221-0571.