Commission on Ministry (COM)

The Commission on Ministry (COM) assists the bishop in selecting candidates for ordination and overseeing a process of formation for both priestly and diaconal leadership in the Diocese of Rhode Island. It is also sponsors programs and processes that assist laity in discerning their vocations.

The Commission, as required by our canons [PDF, 14KB], is composed of six clergy, at least four of whom shall be presbyters, and six lay members nominated by the Bishop and confirmed by Convention for 3 year terms.

Members of the Commission:

  • The Rev. Sandra Haines-Murdocco (2017)
  • The Rev. Mark Sutherland (2017)
  • The Rev. Patrick Campbell (2018)
  • The Rev. Joan Testin (2018)
  • Ms. Murry Edwards (2018)
  • Elizabeth Wheeler, M.D. (2018)
  • The Venerable Janice Grinnell (2019)
  • The Rev. Timothy Rich (2019)
  • Ms. Betsey Rice (2019)
  • Grant Willis, Ph.D. (2019)

Staff: Betsy Fornal, Canon for Program