Diocesan Council

The primary governing body of our diocese between Diocesan Conventions.

Diocesan Council is a governing body made up of members elected and appointed at each year’s Diocesan Convention. Council meets monthly to develop and implement the mission, program, budget and policies of the diocese.

2017 Members


The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely
Bishop, The Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island

Vice President:

The Rev. Nathan Humphrey (2019)
Aquidneck Deanery and St. John’s, Newport

Elected by Convention

The Rev. Susan Carpenter (2018)
St. Thomas, Greenville

Ms. Doris De Los Santos (2018)
la Inglasia de la Ascension, Cranston

Ms. Susan Ursillo (2018)
Church of the Transfiguration, Cranston

The Rev. Bettine Besier (2019)
St. Thomas Church, Alton

The Rev. Ed Dean (2019)
St. David’s Church, Cranston

Mr. Scott Hovenac (2019)
Holy Cross, Middletown

The Rev. Dennis Bucco (2020)
St. Luke’s, Pawtucket

The Rev. Scott Lee (2020)
St. Barnabas, Warwick

Mr. Tyler Field (2020)
St. Columba’s Chapel, Middletown



The Rev. Pamela Rannenberg (2018)
St. Paul’s, N. Kingstown

Mr. Henry Dziadosz (2018)
St. Thomas Church, Greenville

Ms. Aimee Robinson (2019)
Blackstone Deanery

The Rev. Jennifer Zogg (2020)
East Bay Deanery

Mr. Caswell Cooke (2020)
West Bay Deanery


Members Ex Officio

With Vote

The Rt. Rev. W. Nicholas Knisely

Mr. Robert Batchelor

With No Vote

The Rev. Patrick Greene
Standing Committee President

Ms. Liz Crawley
Secretary of Council,
Executive Assistant to the Bishop