The financial affairs of the diocese are conducted under the direction of the Treasurer of the Diocese, Mr. Robert Batchelor. They are administered by the Commission on Finance with staff assistance from the Finance Director, Ms. Joan DeCelles.

The 2016 independent auditor’s report for the Diocese of Rhode Island can be downloaded here.

Assistance on financial matters for church treasurers and administrators is available in the Manual of Business Methods and Church Affairs.

The 2017 budget was approved by the 226th Diocesan Convention on November 5, 2016. Read the budget at this link.

Funds to support the mission and ministry of the Bishop’s Office and other diocesan programs are collected from each church according to the guidelines for Income subject to Apportionment 2017  which were approved by Convention. Endowed funds also provide significant support for the budget.

Churches are required to file annual Parochial Reports as well as additional reports on endowed funds, church organization, and a copy of the church’s Annual Report presented to their annual meeting. This year’s deadline for return of these forms is MARCH 1. Your parochial report should be filed online with the National Church and the original signed forms sent to Diocesan House.

The Church’s annual audit is due SEPTEMBER 1. The Diocese requires an arrangements for audit form to be returned with your parochial report package. The complete audit package with all  audit forms is available online.

Information on insurance plans offered or sponsored by the diocese, health, dental and property/casualty.

Churches and other institutions as approved may participate in the Diocesan Investment Trust (DIT), the pooled investment fund of the diocese. Participants’ investment dollars purchase shares much like a mutual fund and distributions are made quarterly on a three-year rolling average of fund returns. For more information on the Diocesan Investment Trust, see Investing in the DIT (rev 2017).  You can also download the Diocesan funds summary (as of 11 30 2016) [PDF] and Diocesan funds (as of 11 30 2016)[PDF].

The Revolving Loan Fund [PDF, 10KB] was created to aid Parishes and Missions in maintenance projects which, while small, remain too large for the congregation’s current annual budget. Applications are considered by the Commission on Finance at their monthly meetings. Applications may be received by contacting Joan DeCelles.