Standing Committee

The Standing Committee serves as a council of advice to the bishop, must approve the sale or encumbrance of all church property, votes on the bishop’s ordination candidates and gives consent to the election of bishops in other dioceses.    

Standing Committee Members


Ms. Lora MacFall (2017)
Member, St. Andrew’s Church, Little Compton


The Rev. Kevin Lloyd (2017)
Rector, St. Matthews Church, Jamestown

Ms. Anela Brewster (2018)
Member, Grace Church, Providence

The Rev. Patrick Greene (2018)
Rector, Sts. Matthew & Mark, Barrington

The Rev. Greta Getlein  (2019)
Rector, St. Paul’s, Pawtucket

Mr. Neal McNamara (2019)
Member, St. Luke’s, East Greenwich  

The Rev. David Ames (2020)
Priest-in-Charge, All Saints Memorial, Providence

Mr.David P. Whitman (2020)
Member, St. Martin’s, Providence