Congregational Development Mini-Grants

The Congregational Development Commission (CDC) awards grants to our congregations, using the income from endowments designated to support the development of missions and parishes in our diocese. Please note: the lead time for a grant can be anywhere from two months or more before approved grants receive the actual funding, please plan accordingly. They receive grant proposals throughout the year. While CDC grants are not given for bricks and mortar, they support inventive, creative plans that seek to transform the life of the congregation and offer opportunities to other churches or the diocese. Your congregation can submit a request for a grant by submitting the following information:

  • A description of the proposed program, project or event
  • An explanation of how you see it strengthening or growing your church, deepening the spiritual life of your members and/or the community, etc.
  • A budget for the program along with your church’s annual budget
  • An explanation of how this will benefit the diocese, especially other churches in the diocese

Preference is given to churches that partner with other congregations and/or that assume a leadership role on behalf of the diocese. For example:

  • Offer something for one of the Way of Love spiritual practices – a book club, a pilgrimage to walk several of the labyrinths in our diocese, a speaker series, a different kind of worship experience, etc. The CDC has set aside about $1,000 a month for projects specifically for the Way of Love practices. Learn more about the Way of Love HERE.
  • Field-test a curriculum or program not used by other churches in our diocese and offer a workshop or consultations to other churches after you’ve mastered it and assessed its value
  • Develop and host an event for the diocese or your deanery–you could do it alone or engage other churches in planning and executing the event.
  • Organize and offer a training program for the rest of the churches in the diocese (program presenters can be the Bishop’s staff, others in the diocese or the wider community).
  • Grants are not given for salaries or routine activities that a congregation normally funds itself unless there is some extenuating circumstance that requires a major “restart” or “renewal.”  In this case, an action plan must be prepared, strong support from most members of the congregation must be demonstrated and the congregation must be willing to work with a diocesan team on re-visioning the Episcopal Church’s mission and ministry in your community.

To apply for a grant,complete the online application HERE.  Please note: the lead time for a grant can be anywhere from two months or more before approved grants receive the actual funding, please plan accordingly. Contact Mary Ann Mello  for more information.

Click here for the Grant Customary which provides step by step guidance for your event or program.

Recent grants have been awarded to:

Emmanuel, Newport and St. Thomas, Greenville to organize and host a Celtic Spirituality event for the diocese

Epiphany, East Providence to field test Pilgrim, a teaching and discipleship resource that helps inquirers and new Christians explore what it means to travel through life with Christ

Trinity, North Scituate to establish “Open Hands, Open Hearts” a worship service for children with special needs and their families

All Saint’s, Providence Way of Love Grant “Pray”  partially fund an exhibit of Russian icons and a concert of Russian sacred and folk music.