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Obituary for Bishop Hunt

10/27/2022 2:07:37 PM

The Rt. Rev. George N. Hunt III, the Eleventh Bishop of the Diocese of Rhode Island, died on October 23 in Santa Rosa, California after a long illness. He was 90. Hunt served as bishop of Rhode Island from 1980 to 1994, immersing himself in challenging issues roiling the state and the church, and urging […]

Reflecting on Lambeth

08/04/2022 2:30:17 PM

Bishop Knisely posts this reflection on the topic of ecumenicism, as discussed at the Lambeth Conference. This is part of a series of video reflections by Province I bishops, posted by the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.

Read more about us

08/02/2022 2:43:05 PM

May we make a suggestion for your summer reading? RISEN will tell you about the good things happening in the congregations of our diocese. A new issue is on the way, but until then you can catch up on past issues here. Enjoy!

Lay Preacher

07/07/2022 2:18:46 PM

The Bishop will license a lay person at the request of the priest in charge. In order to be considered for licensing, a lay person must be a confirmed communicant in good standing. The license is issued for three years and may require additional training before renewal. Lay preachers “have at least two years of seminary […]

A Statement on the Supreme Court Decision Dobbs v Jackson

06/24/2022 2:45:32 PM

The news today from the Supreme Court is not unexpected, but it is very hard for many. While the issue of abortion has been understood by Episcopalians as a moral decision, often left to the individual, the Episcopal Church is “unequivocally” pro-access to abortion and health care services. This decision will make that access impossible […]

Kept the good wine until now…

01/15/2022 3:22:07 PM

To my mind, there are two key takeaways for us this week. We who are Christians stand in the crowd of witnesses that began with the first stories, with Abraham, Sarah and Hagar, with the family of Abraham, with Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Ruth, Samuel, Saul and David, and all the prophets. We remember what […]

His winnowing fork is in his hand… a sermon for the First Sunday in Epiphany

01/08/2022 2:26:03 PM

To us has been given the Word of truth, the Word of faith and of hope. So that even in this moment, as the nations roar and creation groans, we see the working of the Spirit to bring all to perfection. Do not wonder then but behold the working out of Salvation in our midst. […]

The Heavens declare the glory of the Lord

01/01/2022 2:11:43 PM

One of the optional readings for this second Sunday in Christmastide is the story of the Magi and their visit to the Christ Child in Bethlehem. In this Gospel, the Magi study nature, act on what they learn, and arrive at the foot of the Christ Child, the Lord, and author of Creation. To me, […]

Do not be afraid, behold, the Gospel moment is here!

12/24/2021 12:23:57 PM

This year is not what we had hoped. The fourth wave of the pandemic is sweeping across the world. We thought this summer we were through the worst of it and that all things would be being made well by now. But it hasn’t turned out that way. But don’t lose heart. For those with […]

Advent RISEN

12/13/2021 12:33:39 PM

You may read  2021’s last issue of our Diocesan magazine, RISEN, available now.