Supply Clergy and Organists

The clergy listed here have indicated their availability for short-term supply work in RI Churches.


Want to invite a priest who is not on this list? Want to add your name to this list? Contact Liz Crawley

On an emergency-only basis: If you need a priest at the last minute, please call the Diocesan House at 401-274-4500 (during office hours 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday) or Liz Crawley at 401-524-7594 at other times.

Supply Clergy Rates

The minimum compensation for supply clergy is:

  • $170 for one (1) service, plus $50 for each additional service on a weekend. The rate for a weekday service without a full sermon at a church or institution (e.g., nursing home, college chapel) is $50. Mileage reimbursement at the annual IRS-approved rate is also provided.
  • Hourly compensation at a rate of $35/hour for pastoral visits or other parish duties. The first hour of travel time is not included in the hourly rate — if it takes more than an hour for the priest to go to and return home, the extra travel time is included in the hourly rate in addition to the mileage reimbursement.

Substitute Organist Rates

If you need an organist, the Rhode Island American Guild of Organists website maintains a list of musicians.  View that list here.

Recognizing that the needs of smaller churches are significantly different than those of larger churches and that fees may vary with size, please discuss your expectations and fees as you contract a substitute musician using the ranges recommended below as a guide which has been designed with our Episcopal Churches in Rhode Island in mind (corporate sized churches would pay more but we don’t have any that large).

  • Single service (organist only or director only, no separate rehearsal), $100-$175
  • Additional services (organist or director only) not requiring additional preparation, $50-$75
  • Single service (organist-director combination, no separate rehearsal), $125-$200
  • Additional services (organist-director combination) not requiring additional preparation, $75-$100
  • Rehearsal fees range from $25-$50/hour, depending on whether the substitute is organist only, director only, or organist-director combination and the preparation required
  • The current, federally approved business standard mileage rate for reimbursement of business travel is charged if visits to church for practice, rehearsal, and service exceed 20 miles per round trip
  • The fee paid to the organist or musician who contracts singers or instrumentalists is $15-$20/person hired.