Entangled States; Bishop Knisely’s new full-length book on science and faith

2250856Bishop Knisely’s new full-length book on science and faith, titled Entangled States, has been published and is now available in print and ebook versions at http://www.nowboundbooks.com.

This is exciting news! Many of you got a taste of Bishop Knisely’s thoughts on this topic in his sold-out book of Lenten meditations titled Lent is not Rocket ScienceNow that we have entered the Easter season, if you’re looking for a more in-depth discussion of science and faith snap up a copy of Entangled States, and do it quick if you want to get your hands on a first edition.

Here’s a taste of what this new book discusses, taken from the back cover:

“By telling a kind of story that got under the skin of the people who heard it, Jesus began a revolution that was to change the world. His audience couldn’t get the stories out of their heads because they altered the way they saw the world.

Now, science is telling us a new story that transforms how we see ourselves. One of the fundamental insights of quantum physics is that our reality isn’t limited to our physical boundary but extends throughout time and space. This is not poetry, but the revelation of modern mathematics. It means we are all interrelated, and the things we think keep us apart are in reality illusory. We are completely entangled in each other’s lives.

The gift of being human is the recognition that just out of our grasp, there is a harmonious connectedness, so that we are all part of a piece and therefore sisters and brothers under the skin.

No matter how adamantly we insist on being divided, every now and then we can’t help but catch a glimpse of the fact we are bound together. Such a glimpse may come in the form of a spiritual experience, a sense that the universe is suffused with a divine Presence. Or it may occur in a laboratory, as a scientist discovers a connection no one has ever seen before and realizes there is a unity to reality.

Both a scientist and Episcopal bishop, Nicholas Knisely invites us to open up to the possibility that this unity might really be here, and that all of us might be able to experience it. This is why the book is called Entangled States. For we are all entangled one in another, and the human in the divine.

You can also visit Bishop Knisely’s blog http://entangledstates.org for his real-time thoughts on science and faith.