Grant Request and Reviews

Requesting a grant from Episcopal Charities is as easy as downloading our 2017 Episcopal Charities Application Form, reading our mission statement, and following the guidelines below.


Logo2013Episcopal Charities Mission Statement:

“In acknowledgement of the Gospel Imperative to feed, clothe, heal and visit, the Episcopal Charities Fund of Rhode Island assists ministries of the Diocese and charities of the wider Rhode Island community by raising and helping to provide funds, and in so doing bringing hope, comfort and healing to Rhode Islanders in need.”

Guidelines for Grant Distributions:

Preference is given to the following:


  • organizations that provide direct services to large numbers of potential recipients.
  • established organizations, structured to meet current and future needs, as well as organizations in need of seed money
  • direct service groups that might not be eligible for funding from other sources
  • agencies which have a 501(c)(3) status
  • groups that are consistent with our mission statement
  • groups that have an established relationship with one of our congregations or have volunteers from our congregations

We discourage requests from programs and agencies which:

  • are heavily funded by government or other sources
  • seek funding for debts already incurred
  • duplicate services of already existing agencies
  • provide capital for vehicles, buildings, or other real property
  • provide only advocacy activities or research

To apply, please download and complete our 2017 Episcopal Charities Application Form. Completed forms can then be submitted electronically or by mail to:

Episcopal Charities
c/o The Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island
275 N Main Street
Providence, RI 02903
401-274-4500, ext. 234
e-mail Episcopal Charities