Who We Support

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Adventures in Learning, Gateway Healthcare, Inc.

The Adventures in Learning (AIL) Program is a unique outdoor education youth development program that promotes critical thinking, confidence and skill-building in children and adolescents. Annually more than 500 at-risk and urban youth participate in the experiential and adventure learning activities that are designed to help participants develop the skills sets that will help them reach their goals, particularly related to school and workforce success.http://www.gatewayhealth.org/Adventures-in-Learning-.html

AIDS Care Ocean State, Providence

Provides quality housing, case management, medical/nursing care and prevention to adults, families, adolescents and children who are affected by or at risk for HIV infection. They also act as an advocate for individuals and families at risk while providing those support services needed to ensure and maintain a high quality of life. A program of food vouchers has been developed with local stores to provide nutritious food and baby formula during transition periods as well as during times of financial trouble; these vouchers can only be used for their intended purpose and not for non essential items such as cigarettes, etc. www.aidscareos.org

ALS Rhode Island, Warwick

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is another name for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The main service is an equipment loan program that provides patients with life sustaining equipment. ALS is a fatal neuromuscular disorder characterized by progressive degeneration of motor cells in the spinal cord and brain. When the motor neurons die, the patient becomes completely paralyzed, unable to move, communicate/speak, eat and eventually breathe unassisted. With this degeneration, the mind remains alert and fully intact. In an effort to help the patient communicate with loved ones, caregivers and medical professionals, the equipment loan program includes a Handheld Impact Device that is easily tailored to the special needs of each patient. This model supports a wide range of interface methods and techniques, with unlimited spoken vocabulary provided by speech synthesis. Selections can be made via touch screen, integrated buttons, and keyboard for ALS patients. Patients will be able to communicate, even with the slightest movement (such as an eyebrow). www.alsari.org


AS220 is an educational outreach program for high-risk and incarcerated youth. Functioning as a free arts program serving those aged 14-21, AS220 focuses on those in and transitioning out of state care. It seeks to use arts education to improve the academic and social performance of at-risk youth. Through positive, supportive relationships with teachers/mentors that recognize their strengths and their needs, at-risk youth discover productive paths into adulthood. youth.as220.org

Bethany Christian Services, Warwick

Bethany’s heart is for children. God love children, and so do we. Every child deserves to have a loving family—that’s where children thrive best. At Bethany, we believe a loving family is a simple, proven, lasting answer to a child’s needs. Bethany’s unique mission and purpose it to care for vulnerable children and families in need, by bringing families together and keeping families strong. We’ve done this since 1944. We do it in 30 states and 13 countries. Bethany Christian Services has served Southern New England since 1985 with comprehensive services including domestic and international adoption, foster care, counseling, training, and family support. www.bethany.org/newengland

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State

BBBSOS began as Big Sisters of Rhode Island in 1967 as a mentoring program with the mission to provide friendship and guidance to at-risk-girls. Since 2010 the program has also helped boys, and provides services to 500+ children throughout Rhode Island every year. Mentoring programs serve youth age 7-18 by providing them with an adult mentor who can guide them in a positive direction as they grow. They also provide free/low-cost activities for all pairs 2-4 times every month and also provides expanded support to families served, such as help during the holidays and targeted referral services. www.bbbsos.org

Bishop’s Discretionary Fund

A fund that the Bishop and his staff uses to support emergency needs for congregations and clergy, and smaller organizations that might not otherwise be able to receive support from Episcopal Charities directly. www.episcopalri.org

Blessing Way

A faith-based, direct service agency which seeks to reduce drug relapse and recidivism by providing supportive services and recovery spirituality to persons returning to their communities from prison, detention or drug rehabilitation programs. The 90-day Men’s and Women’s Halfway Housing program provides crisis and case management, employment assistance, job training life skills education, recovery coaching and spirituality. to those in need. www.theblessingway.org

Camp Ruggles, North Scituate

Serves as the only summer day camp in Rhode Island for children diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Each applicant is accepted with the goal of ensuring the most “at risk” campers receive priority; the highest priority is children in RI State care/supervision including those in other family support, foster care or group homes. Other campers are from low-income, single parent families. Most campers and their families cannot provide modest contributions to camper fees. Throughout the six-week therapeutic camp experience, the program provides important continuity in counseling and behavior treatment and ensures easier transition into the new school year. campruggles@cox.net

CareNet Pregnancy Center of RI in Providence

Offers free pregnancy testing, peer counseling, childbirth and parenting education, material resources, community referrals and a post-abortion program. The majority of clients are either facing an unplanned pregnancy or the intense feelings they may have after experiencing an abortion. The goal is to care for the needs of those in our communities who are pregnant or post-abortive and thirst for education and desire a chance for a better life. Services are provided for options counseling, including information on pregnancy, adoption and abortion. As an example of one program, the teen pregnancy counseling program, the goal is to equip pregnant teens to make positive choices, to help them establish healthy relationships and to form a healthy attachment to their child. ww.carenetri.org.

Center for Dynamic Learning, Providence

CDL provides career readiness and workforce development training through arts and sciences enrichment programs. Annually, the program serves approximately 1200 youth across the state of Rhode Island. Their facility is located in Providence’s Southside. It houses a black box theater, art studio, aquaponics and hydroponics laboratory, Solidworks laboratory, as well as a 1250 square foot fabrication lab filled with state of the art equipment for youth to learn as practicing professionals in their chosen field.

Central Falls Family Self-Sufficiency Foundation

The Youth Employment Program is for teens to develop into self-sufficient adults and become productive members of the community. They teach responsibility, engender a strong work ethic and emphasize mutual respect through use of non-aggressive means to resolve conflict. YEP gives teens options for their future other than violence, teen parenthood, drug addiction or living a life of crime. The summer program extends into the school year, ensuring that participants graduate high school and go on to higher education. www.cfhousing.org/fss.aspx

City Camp, Olneyville, Providence

The only opportunity for many inner city children to have supervised summer recreation and time in a country setting. It is a well-planned urban day camp that operates for 8 weeks in the summer in the Olneyville neighborhood. It provides at-risk children and their families an alternative to the economic depression and violence of the inner city. For boys and girls, ages 6-12. www.eccri.org/citycamp

City Meal Site, All Saint’s Memorial Church, Providence

A meal site providing anyone in need a hot nutritious meal usually consisting of a fresh salad, hot main course, beverage and dessert. Volunteers prepare and serve the meals and clean the facility. All ages are served. City Meal Site has been in existence for 25 years. The program began at the Cathedral of St. John and now operates from All Saints’ Memorial Church in Providence.

College Visions

College Visions is dedicated to coaching low-income and first-generation students to enter, succeed in, and graduate from college. Founded in 2004, College Visions currently serves 325 students in Providence and nearby cities. By providing comprehensive advising and resources, the opportunity gap for young people is depleted. Outcomes are outstanding: 95% of participants enroll in college, 89% persist to their second year and 57% graduate in six years. Our long term vision is that students earn college degrees that enable them to lead financially stable, personally fulfilled and civically engaged lives. www.collegevisions.org

Community Care Alliance, Woonsocket

Community Care Alliance was established in July of 2014 through the merger of Family Resources Community Action and NRI Community Services. They offer over 50 programs and services to 15,000 or more vulnerable people living in northern Rhode Island and the surrounding area. The agency’s goal is to empower people experiencing economic insecurity, mental illness and addictions, housing issues, and other trauma-related concerns. Services include food, shelter and housing.

Connecting for Children and Families

Provides services to improve the quality of family and community life in Woonsocket. The goals are to help children get a good start in life, to provide the support families need to succeed and to ensure that families live in a safe, nurturing community where there are many opportunities to grow. Funds will provide emergency basic needs to low-income families. CCF will partner with other community agencies to pay for emergency rent, mortgage and other housing costs, utilities and prescriptions not covered by insurance. CCF also provides groceries and basic need items that are not allowable purchases with food stamps. In 2011, 3,033 adults and children were provided services. www.ccfcenter.org

Crossroads Rhode Island, Providence

Crossroads Rhode Island helps homeless or at-risk individuals and families secure stable homes. At its main location in Providence, Crossroads provides 24-hour crisis intervention services, emergency shelter, housing-based case management, counseling, adult education, employment services, and permanent supportive housing. All Crossroads programs and services focus on permanent housing as the solution to homelessness. On average, Crossroads Rhode Island serves 3500 homeless Rhode Islanders every year.

Day One

With the mission to reduce the prevalence of sexual abuse and violence, Day One provides support and advocacy for those affected by such violence. Our vision is to create a community free of sexual violence through leadership and action that is responsive to the needs of the community. The Children Advocacy Center facilitates a coordinated effort with agencies (such as DCYF) and victim advocates, medical professionals and mental health providers to help children and families who have experienced the abuse of a child. The primary goal is to assure the safety and well-being of the child. www.dayoneri.org

Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County

The Court Advocacy Program is vital in helping victims navigate the complex court system. Children are often present at domestic violence arrests, and they account for 50% of clients staying in the shelter. To address the crucial needs of victims, the shelter works in strong collaboration with local agencies and churches. Victims are guided through the difficult court process with compassion and respect. Values in working with clients include safety and personal dignity, personal responsibility, respect and trust, open communication, cooperation collaboration for health relationships and a compassionate, engaged community. Clients are from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and ages range from 18-81. www.dvrcsc.org

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island

Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island welcomes all those who are working to overcome cultural, educational, economic and language barriers; and empowers them to achieve self-sufficiency and to participate actively in our community. They provide client-centered services, advocacy and opportunities based on their expertise in family literacy and adult education, employment services, refugee resettlement, translation, interpretation, U.S. citizenship and immigration services. They are committed to building on the diversity and strength of the people they serve as an investment in a stronger and more connected community.www.diiri.org

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center, Newport

Provides for changing needs of the neighborhood, offering innovative approaches to child development, hunger relief, and helping individuals reach their highest potential. The agency primarily serves low-income individuals, children and families of Newport County. Our client base is increasingly racially and ethnically diverse, encompassing children through seniors, longtime Newport residents and recent immigrants. The Food 2 Friends program serves the home-bound hungry by delivering groceries to those who do not have the ability to shop at the food pantry or grocery store. www.mlkccenter.org

East Bay Coalition for the Homeless

The mission is to house homeless East Bay families with children and provide them with the support, skills, and resources needed to become self-reliant. Since 1989, EBCH has been the only program in the East Bay providing supportive housing for homeless families with children helping them to establish goals and time frames agreed upon by client and case worker and counsels individuals and families on housing, employment, education, medical, substance abuse and mental health issues. www.eastbayhomeless.org

Education Exchange, Wakefield

The largest provider of adult literacy and workforce development services in Southern Rhode Island. Education Exchange has satellite centers in four locations: North Kingstown, Peace Dale, Westerly and West Warwick. In 2011, 18,160 adults increased their literacy and earned a high school equivalency or improved work place skills through program participation. The programs allow adults to gain the competency they need to earn a high school diploma or GED; continue their education and occupational skill training; secure and retain employment; and participate fully in the community. Adults 18 and older are the target clients; the majority are 19 to 59. Most clients are unemployed or low-income workers who face job insecurity due to a lack of education or job skills. The programs include adult literacy and math classes, GED prep and testing, and English language learners to name a few. www.EdExRi.org

Education in Action

EIA is a local non-profit whose mission is to provide hands on learning opportunities that educate and inspire youth for real world success. Founded in September 2008, EIA has served over 14,000 youth through hands on learning programs that focus on financial literacy, civics, economics and workforce development. By providing youth with a foundation of knowledge needed to be successful, Education in Action is changing the landscape of financial literacy in Rhode Island. www.EducationInActionRI.org

English for Action

Founded in 1999 by a group of immigrant families and Brown University students to address the growing need for English classes in the neighborhood of Olneyville, and at the same time to create a community-based, participatory education model that integrates language learning with social change. Beginning with 15 adult learners at the inception, over 500 families have been served through adult and early childhood classes, family literacy, a children’s art program and community organizing. The goal is to create participatory educational programs for Latino immigrant families and community members in Providence that link language learning, leadership development, and community-building. Using innovative and creative tools such as the arts, theater, and community action projects, the clients obtain critical and transformative learning both within and outside the classroom. Through the process of dialogue, reflection and collaboration, they seek to effect meaningful and community-based social change in Olneyville and the greater Providence community www.englishforaction.org

Family Van, Women & Infants

Women & Infants Hospital is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of women and infants and to providing essential services, regardless of ability to pay. The hospital’s Family Van is a mobile health promotion center that provides culturally sensitive, comprehensive health outreach programs addressing the health disparities in the community. Services have included vaccinations, health screening tests, and health education. These services are always free and are provided by a multicultural and multilingual staff. The Family Van currently serves close to 3,700 clients, nearly all of whom are low-income, uninsured or underinsured. www.womenandinfants.org

First Star URI Academy

A four-week summer residential program for foster youth that takes place at the University of Rhode Island. During the program, students are immersed in college culture by taking courses and earning college credits. Students enjoy eating in the dining hall, working out in the gym, engaging in community service and securing new friendships. Students are also exposed to career options through field trips, guest speakers and hands-on learning. At monthly sessions during the school year, students participate in educational workshops and give back to the community through a variety of volunteer projects. Most importantly, under the guidance of First Star Academy, these foster youth gain a once in a lifetime chance to build themselves a better and brighter future. www.uri.edu

Friends Way

Serves families throughout R.I. and is the only family bereavement center in Southeastern New England The agency is steadfast in their commitment of providing peer support to grieving families in a safe nurturing environment and is staffed with mental health professionals and extensively trained volunteers from the community who assist children and their families through their grief with comfort and support. www.friendsway.org

Hispanic Mission at San Jorge, Central Falls

A mission designed to open spiritual, material, and social ministries to the growing Spanish speaking population. The mission provides education, employment opportunities and counseling services.

House of Hope

Provides outreach, case management, and basic needs provision on a nightly basis to the men who stay at Harrington Hall, including meals, hygiene and personal care items. House of Hope offers opportunities to participate in group activities such as Life Skills, Anger Management, and Budgeting, and to meet with outside service providers such as the Homeless Legal Clinic and Veterans Administration. www.thehouseofhopecdc.org


IN-SIGHT is Rhode Island’s largest provider of services for people who are blind and visually impaired. Since its founding in 1925, IN-SIGHT has helped people learn skills and strategies for becoming independent at home, school, work, and in the community. www.in-sight.org

Jonnycake Center of Peace Dale

Programs offer resources in direct support of the vision of eliminating hunger in the community. The emergency food pantry provide a week’s worth of food including dairy, meats, eggs and fresh produce for household members on a monthly basis. Special foods are distributed in November, December and school vacations. The Lil Cakes program provides clients with free clothing, household items and resources for infants and toddlers. Jonny’s Locker provides food, school supplies and toiletries to teens. SNAP application assistance, cooking classes, food baskets, pet food vouchers and referrals to other agencies are provided. jonnycakecenter.org/

Jonnycake Center of Westerly

Provides food to residents in need from Westerly, Hopkinton, Charlestown and Richmond, Rhode Island. Each month the center supplies a food basket containing a week’s worth of meals including milk, meat, fresh produce, cheese and nonperishable food. This benefits children, disabled, and elderly individuals and increasing number of long-term unemployed and underemployed individuals. SPLASH (Summer Program Looking to Alleviate Student Hunger) provides food for children who qualify for Federal free or reduced meals during school vacations. www.jonnycake.org

Living Supplies

A community outreach program that is filling a niche not addressed by other social services in our community and provides items that are not covered by SNAP or distributed by welfare agencies. These include: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, laundry and dishwashing detergents, shaving cream, razors, paper goods, diapers and baby wipes. The project operates on a referral basis, only accepting those whose genuine need has been established by referring agencies such as The Jonnycake Center and the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center. www.christchurchwesterly.org

Lucy’s Hearth, Middletown

A refuge for homeless women and their children in Newport County for thirty years. Services are designed to promote self-sufficiency and prevent future episodes of homelessness. They include a 24-hour emergency shelter and meals, a broad spectrum of individualized support services, goal oriented case management, transitional and supportive housing and intensive aftercare services. Lucy’s Hearth is accredited as an “Enhanced Shelter.” Most residents come from Aquidneck Island, though referrals are accepted throughout Rhode Island. It is the only agency in Newport County that provides emergency and transitional shelter and programs for women and children. www.lucyshearth.org

Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc.

Provides food and clothing and promotes dignity to the homeless and those living marginally. People of all ages, genders and ethnicities are served. MLF is present in Newport, Providence and Woonsocket on days when other agencies do not provide meals and services, averaging 15-16 days per month. Volunteers from six churches in Barrington and Providence have formed teams to cover a myriad of services. Both clients and volunteers are nourished through this program–Clients receive food, clothing and fellowship; and volunteers receive gratitude, a sense of good will and the fellowship of being part of a team. www.mlfnow.org

Moms Helping Moms / Families First Rhode Island

Moms Helping Moms is devoted to supporting mothers of newborns that are at risk for or experiencing postpartum depression, isolation or anxiety. The program evaluates every mother then pairs her with a trained and supervised volunteer mentor. These mentors are the core of the program, providing dedicated and compassionate support for a period of up to one year. The goal is to address the unmet needs in the areas of maternal and child health, behavioral health, nutrition, safety, education, and development. All services are provided free of charge. www.familiesfirstri.org

New England Pediatric Institute of Neurodevelopment (NEPIN), Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island

Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island is a 294-bed community teaching hospital that has served norther Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts since 1901. A teaching affiliate of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Memorial Hospital is the main site for the medical school’s primary care academic program. In 2013, Memorial Hospital joined the Care New England Health System to expand the scope of services available to its patients and provide a strong primary care focus within the system. The main campus is in Pawtucket, RI, and home to New England Pediatric Institute of Neurodevelopment (NEPIN), a state-of-the-art cancer program, a cardiology program affiliated with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the state’s only hospital-based Hernia Center. In addition, they offer primary and ambulatory care services at separate sites in Pawtucket and Central Falls, RI, and Plainville, MA. Their mission is primary care and preventative medicine providing advanced diagnosis and treatment with a focus on teaching and research. www.mhri.org

Oasis International

A program of outreach to immigrant youth, particularly those of African descent, who are at high risk for gang and criminal activity. Counseling, schooling, employment, and family involvement help to develop positive interests and good processing of decisions in their lives. Services are provided in the areas of Consumer Education, Health and Wellness, Youth Leadership and Development and Cultural Awareness. www.oasis-international.net

PACE-Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

PACE serves a diverse population of frail adults 55 years and older with chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, depression, kidney disease and heart disease, who do not want to leave their homes and communities. PACE provides person-centered, integrated care using a team approach to assess and plan for care. In addition to their complex medical needs, 90% of participants have three or more dependencies in activities of daily living including eating, walking, toileting, bathing, transferring and dressing. The essence of PACE is providing the right care, at the right time and in the right place. www.pace-ri.org


“Workforce Development for Adults with Developmental Disabilities” – Adults with disabilities struggle with a high rate of unemployment. Traditional vocational programs are not appropriate for this population, as they often have sensory processing issues that require an accommodating environment. Temporary or seasonal jobs are difficult to adapt to, as the inconsistency can produce high levels of anxiety, stress and behavioral escalation. This program assists these adults in pursuing safe, productive and healthy lives in the Greater Providence area by offering individualized paths to developing the right skills and confidence needed to join the workforce and retain their employment. www.refocusinc.org

Rhode Island Free Clinic, Providence

Founded in 1999, the mission of Rhode Island Free Clinic is to provide free, comprehensive medical care and preventive health services to adults who have no health insurance and cannot afford such services. The Clinic also serves as an educational training site for health care professionals. Community partnerships, volunteerism, and collaboration are at the heart of the Clinic’s model, providing robust resources and a vitality that is unmatched in Rhode Island. Patients receive care from an active corps of over 700 medical providers and volunteers working with medical, academic and community partners throughout Rhode Island. The Clinic is the only medical home for Rhode Island’s uninsured working poor and low-income that provides an on-site program integrating free primary care, chronic disease management, behavioral health and pharmaceutical needs. www.rifreeclinic.org

Rhode Island Latino Arts

Rhode Island’s leading nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to the promotion, advancement, development and cultivation of Latino arts, including the art, culture, history and heritage of Rhode Island Latinos. Through strategic partnering with local arts organizations, including schools, libraries, museums, community and senior centers in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of our urban centers, they ensure their mission’s fulfillment: To raise awareness about Latino arts and cultures in Rhode Island and to build community pride.www.rilatinoarts.org/

RICAN- Rhode Island Center Assisting those in Need, Charlestown

Provides food for residents struggling with food insecurity. Approximately 20,000 people throughout the state receive an array of service programs that empower and promote sustainable livelihood. Efforts focus on ensuring the survival of families in our community by providing assistance in times of crisis, as well as promoting opportunities to regain independence. Food, clothing, housing, prescription and employment assistance are provided, along with other client needs, in a supportive environment. A holistic approach to addressing poverty and vulnerability provides for improving the overall physical, behavioral and financial health of individuals by offering tools to manage their own recovery, increase personal responsibility, providing opportunities for empowerment and working towards achieving their life goals. www.rhodeislandcan.org

Samaritans, Providence

Provides emotional support to prevent suicide through the internationally recognized model of befriending people of all ages who are hopeless, alone, suicidal, or caregivers and the grieving. They facilitate this mission by maintaining an anonymous, free, statewide, volunteer-based philanthropically supported 24-hour Hotline/Listening Line. www.samaritansri.org

Sharing Locker

A non-food distribution program serving individual and families in need that reside in Kent and Washington Counties. With a mission to support community members with dignity and without discrimination, Sharing Locker supplies provisions such as toiletries, paper and cleaning products. The primary goal is to assist people in meeting their basic needs for living and increase their quality of life. A secondary goal is to enable clients to keep their pets in the home. Sharing Locker also provides dry and canned pet food and literature informing clients of low cost medical services available for pets. In association with the Westminster Unitarian Church, Sharing Locker seeks to provide a congregational outreach and collaboration with the community. www.westminsteruu.org

Sophia Academy, Providence

Founded in 2001 is the only middle school in Providence focused specifically on girls who face economic inequities and have a high risk of repeating the cycles of poverty that have ensnared many family members. By utilizing best practices in gender specific education, Sophia Academy fosters academic, moral, cultural, and social growth for its students.www.sophia-academy.org

South Providence Neighborhood Ministries, Providence

The vision of the ministries is that all people have the education and resources necessary to lead stable, healthy and prosperous lives; where all youth have the opportunities to learn, flourish and grow to their highest potential. They work to make this vision a reality through providing essential resources such as food, health products, education and financial resources to the community. Services and opportunities are provided that encourage self-worth and to build a safe and just community of caring and respect. The targeted population is high-risk, low-income, minority inner-city youth, 5 to 17, and are from multi-ethnic backgrounds. www.spnm.org

Southside Community Land Trust, Providence

Southside Community Land Trust manages a wide range of urban agriculture programs including youth and adult agricultural education, community gardening and commercial agriculture. www.southsideclt.org

Southern Rhode Island Volunteers (Seniors Helping Others) Kingston

Provides volunteers throughout the geographical southernmost 1/3 of Rhode Island, creating a lifelong culture of volunteerism and service. Quality, meaningful and appropriate service opportunities are provided to the citizens of this area as well as helpful health care access, nutritional support and alleviation of isolation services for frail, elderly individuals and other adults in need of independent aging support, meeting the goal of aging-in-place.www.southernrivol.org

St. Andrew’s School

A boarding and day school serving students in grades 6-PG with a wide range of learning needs; approximately 40% of students have been diagnosed with language based learning differences, ADD or ADHD. We believe that a learning difference does not always have a diagnosis; the remainder of our student body consists of those who have struggled in other school settings and those who have family or socio-economic difficulty. Generous financial aid support is given to more that 50% of our students. The School provides students with supportive guidance and nurturing relationships with faculty to weave students’ passions, interests and strengths into a personalized learning strategy that works for them. The faculty emphasizes moral and ethical values in preparation for students’ purposeful engagement in the world. www.standrews-ri.org

St. George’s Meal Site, Central Falls

Provides a weekly balanced and complete meal at St. George’s Church, free of charge to those of who come to eat. People who come to the site have developed friendships and a sense of community. Volunteers from the various surrounding churches provide the bulk of the labor involved in providing the meal, and these people also form relationships with the people who come to eat. The volunteers, many of whom are from more affluent neighborhoods, see and relate to the recipients and, in the process, come to some understanding of human poverty. The meal site offers an opportunity to relate to other people, a community to lessen isolation of those in poverty and community resources.

St. Mark’s Food Pantry

The Free Community Lunch and Food Pantry is held on the last Saturday of each month when SNAP benefits are all used up. It is designed to feed the hungry in our neighborhood and provides a hot meal as well as a bag of groceries and toiletries to those in need. Through this outreach ministry, St. Mark’s seeks to be the church in the world, as they live into their commitment to be a Christ-like community of faith. www.stmarkswarwick.org

St. Mary’s Home for Children, Shepherd Program, North Providence

The Shepherd Program provides residential and outpatient therapy for sexually abused male and female children and their families, including education and prevention programs. Services are available statewide to children and parents. It is the most comprehensive program of its kind in the state and a model for other states. The clinicians and staff provide assessment services, individual, group and family therapy to child victims, children with sexual behavior problems, juvenile sex offenders, non-offending parents and adult survivors of sexual abuse. www.smhfc.org

Star Kids

Star Kids was founded in 2000 and operates with a mission to provide educational opportunities in the form of tuition aid to effective nonpublic schools, uniforms, after-school and summer programs, tutoring and mentoring for those high risk, low-income children who have a parent with a history of incarceration and/or substance abuse. Our goal is for each child to complete high school and break the intergenerational cycle of poverty, drug use, disease and violence. Today Star Kids serves 96 children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Newport County and Fall River and 28 students have graduated to date, with 80% having gone on to pursue higher education. www.starkidsprogram.org

Trinity Academy of Performing Arts (TAPA), Providence

Develops well-rounded, educated, artistic and professional community leaders who practice service and teamwork in initiating and implementing goals, with a focus on the global society. The TAPA Family Engagement Center is being designed to assist both parents and families of TAPA students with finding resources for housing and employment and provides social services and courses in parenting and English as a second language. Reflecting the demographics of the West End and South Side of Providence, 91% of TAPA students and families are at or below the poverty line, 97% are minorities, 3% are homeless and 35% of our parents do not speak or read English. www.TAPAprovidence.org

Visiting Nurse Services of Newport and Bristol Counties

VNS strives to keep patients safe and in the comfort of their own homes. The Philips Emergency Response Program (Lifeline) provides the services of a personal emergency response system in order to help elderly or chronically ill members of the community with limited means to remain safely in their homes. Lifeline connects the subscriber to a trained responder who can send emergency help quickly or offer assistance in their home, allowing access to a VNS nurse 24 hours a day. www.vnsri.org

VNS Home Health Services

VNS has been a non-profit provider of skilled home care for over one hundred years. Based in the South County area, VNS provides nursing, rehabilitation, medical social work, nutritionist, wound care specialist, telemedicine and lifeline through Washington and Kent Counties and Jamestown. Newborns through centurions receive these services in their homes for a variety of diagnoses and conditions. While VNS has a long history, it has also been an innovator. It was the first home care agency in RI to adopt telemedicine, provide certified BIG and LOUD therapy services for Parkinson’s Disease patients, and create an adjunct pilot program for behavioral health services for medical patients with co-morbid depression and anxiety.www.vnshomehealth.org

W.A.R.M. – Westerly Area Rest Meals

Provides shelter, meals, social services and affordable housing in the context of respect, hope, dignity and community. The mission is to provide a continuum of care with supportive services and safe affordable housing; and to help the homeless and needy build self-esteem and move toward independent and responsible living. W.A.R.M. strives to help individuals and families move as far as they can, as quickly as they are able, along a path of social connection to self-sufficiency and independent living. A diverse range of people are served; the working poor (some with 2 or more jobs), the chronically unemployed, families and single parents, young adults, small children, elderly, educated and non-educated, and disabled are the clients. Anyone who comes is provided a meal 7 day a week, 365 days a year; last year the soup kitchen served 35,786 meals, provided 77 food baskets and 1,000 bagged lunches for the children’s summer program. www.warmcenter.org

WellOne Primary Medical and Dental Care

Rhode Island’s oldest community health center has been caring for the public’s health for over 102 years and currently serves 13,000 patients from throughout the state; young and old, high- and low-income, insured and uninsured. WellOne connects all of the key services necessary for promoting well-being by employing a variety of professionals to meet the healthcare needs of the entire family from head to toe: primary care to promote the best physical health; dental care to keep teeth and gums healthy; behavioral health to support emotional well-being. On-site laboratory services, a discount pharmacy program for those who do not have prescription drug coverage and a sliding fee scale for qualifying patients are also available. Two of our sites are the only healthcare provider in the community while the third is one of the largest in area. As one of the only providers in the state to accept unlimited numbers of uninsured and Medicaid patients, many in the community would forego healthcare were it not for WellOne. www.welloneri.org

Westbay Community Action, Warwick

Feeds the hungry in Kent County and is the most diverse multi-service agency in the county. In the past year the Westbay Marketplace served approximately 400 people each month in the emergency food program. In addition, information and encouragement are given to practice good nutrition. Those served have diverted resources to other necessities and could not put food on the table. Referrals to other helpful organizations are available to help stretch resources. The Westbay Farm Project grows fresh produce for the Marketplace and the Westbay Farm Stand. These food security programs distribute the produce to low-income individuals and families. The Farm is located is located on a 2.5 acre section of the former Barton Dairy Farm purchased by the City of Warwick for open space. The goal is to grow, harvest and deliver 12,000 pounds of produce to be distributed through the Marketplace and Farm Stand. The community, businesses, schools, churches, clubs and individuals are committed to help. www.westbaycap.org

Whitmarsh House

Provides at risk young men age 18 and older with lodging and case management. These young people are culturally diverse and often have developmental disabilities and have aged out of the care of DCYF. The transitional program helps with placement in an apartment, groceries, and clothing while assisting with finding and keeping employment while attending school or vocational training. This prepares at risk young men for self-sufficiency.www.whitmarshcorp.org

Winslow Gardens at United Methodist, East Providence

Winslow Gardens is dedicated to providing a continuum of care and services that are designed to support the ever-changing needs of seniors. At Winslow Gardens, low to moderate income seniors over the age of 62 can select from safe and affordable, assisted or independent living options. Though 32 residents qualify for HUD vouchers, the Housing Authority has curtailed such subsidies to Winslow Garden’s residents. The Rent Supplement Program provides supplementation of rental costs in order to prevent homelessness and improve the quality of life for low-income residents of Winslow Gardens.www.umeldercareri.org

YMCA of Greater Providence

Provides programs that care for the needs of our communities, nurture the potential of children and teens, improve health and well-being and provide support for our neighbors. LIVESTRONG is a program that provides physical and emotional help for persons who have completed cancer treatment and wish to return to normalcy. This program helps participants shift from a focus on their illness to a focus on their health and supports them through the difficult transitional period where they may experience weakness, lethargy, depression and stress. Participants show improvements in muscle strength, physical endurance, and reduce their depression, fatigue and nausea. www.ymcagreaterprovidence.org

Youth Ministry at Episcopal Conference Center

Provides opportunities for young people to experience Christianity through healthy community, discussion, work projects, worship and teaching experiences. By respecting the dignity of every human being, those who have the ECC experience know a lifestyle that is safe, fulfilling and compassionate. This community supports friendships between young people and provides them with a special place where they can go and grow together with their peers with adult support available to them. The ministry also provides immediate opportunities for peer counseling and reflection away from negative forces, which are so prevalent and strong in the world of young people. www.eccri.org

Youth in Action, Providence

A collaborative partnership between youth, adults and community where young people are at the forefront of creating positive individual, community and social change. The program has been driven by young people and their capacity to lead, their natural ability to innovate and their need for positive change. Youth members are trained and supported to play key leadership roles in running all of its programs. Over the years, more than 1,500 youth members have reached out to more than 14,000 of their peers with health education and violence protection programming as well as youth produced media, multi-cultural events, community renovation projects and school improvement initiatives. As a result, youth members gain a critical base of life-skills that allow them to set and reach personal goals while strengthening Providence’s schools, politics and culture. www.youthinactionri.org

Youth Pride, Inc., Providence

Dedicated to meeting the needs of youth who are impacted by sexual orientation and gender identity. The Drop-In Center served over 500 young people in 2011.The programs provide support, advocacy and education to Rhode Island lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and their allies. The food pantry provides food, hygiene, and other personal items to youth and adults in the greater Providence area; more than 1,100 pounds of non-perishable food and fresh produce were provided to people in need every week, along with clothing, household items, resource materials and announcements about special programs in which patrons may be interested www.youthprideri.org/