Discerning Your Vocation

God calls us all in different ways. Here are some resources to help you discern where God might be calling you.

A vocation is a divine call (or strong desire) to spend your life doing a certain kind of work or lifestyle. While we tend to think of only clergy as having a vocation, all Christians can have a vocation. Your vocation may be the job you hold or the life you live as a family member or a passion you have to serve others. One of the places to begin your discernment is to talk with your priest (required if you seek ordination), a spiritual director or someone with whom you share your spiritual journey.

The Diocese of RI Commission on Ministry hosts programs to help you discern you ministry at home, at work or in the community. It also has published a Guide to discerning your call to the Priesthood and a Guide for discerning your call to the Diaconate. Learn more about discerning a call to these orders over on the Commission on Ministry page, contact Canon Betsy Fornal for information on ministry in daily life discernment opportunities or check out some of the resources below:

Life’s Work-Personal Mission

Marriage and Family


Spiritual Gifts Assessments