St. Elizabeth’s, Hope Valley

St. Elizabeth’s , in the village of Canonchet in the town of Hopkinton, is a rural church somewhat off the beaten path. The building is a one-story, late-Victorian meeting house with a square belfry and spire. Although the building is unassuming, the people make St. Elizabeth’s what it is.

We call ourselves “The little church with a big heart.” In the last year, the people of St. Elizabeth’s have started participating in a global outreach program. Each week the church prays for a different country in which Christians are persecuted. In addition, to praying for them, we sponsor fundraisers. The money raised helps the persecuted church and those persecuted Christians in those countries. They will get much-needed basic supplies, such as jackets, blankets and socks. The persecuted Christians are also helped spiritually, because they receive a Bible — so they are able to read the Word of God.

St. Elizabeth’s, 63 Canonchet Road, Hope Valley; 401-539-7346; the Rev. Edward Beaudreau, vicar; Bishop’s visitation February 2.