Ten Ways to Care for Creation as a Congregation

Ideas for your congregation, compiled by the Creation Care Task Force of Diocesan Council

The Creation Care Task Force is a group appointed by Diocesan Council for the purpose of responding to 2018 General Convention resolutions on the priority of creation care in all our churches. As a start, we’ve developed a list of 10 ways (well, 10 plus one more) your congregation can care for creation. Look for more information as our mission develops.

  1. Recycle everything possible!
  2. Have a free energy audit done on your building (Contact National Grid or RISE — the regional program administrator for National Grid’s EnergyWise home energy services in Rhode Island.).
  3. Eliminate disposable/single use items. Use china, glassware, silverware and ceramic mugs for coffee hour instead.
  4. Treat your church’s lawn with organic fertilizer, and use environmentally friendly cleaning products in your church (see EWG.org for a list).
  5. Make all meetings paperless (Send documents in advance by email and project others on a screen.).
  6. Create a seasonal worship bulletin template with a weekly changeable insert to save paper on printing.
  7. Designate one Sunday a month as “Carpool Sunday” when church members are encouraged to share rides, build fellowship and save gasoline.
  8. Replace all lightbulbs with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  9. Start a vegetable garden (use compost from coffee hour) or a flower garden (for prayer).
  10. Install programmable thermostats to regulate energy use in times of limited occupancy.
  11. Install solar panels, electric car charging stations or rain barrels — they all help maximize natural resources.