A Journey to Easter; a lenten discipline

eastercoverThe series of blog posts that I wrote for the Diocese of Rhode Island during Lent of 2013 is now edited, tightened up and in print from Leader Resources. (Some folks in congregations said that they would prefer to use them in a book form rather than online.)

From the book’s page on the publisher’s site:

Bishop Knisely invites you to on a journey through the Gospel of Luke and the Books of Acts. Journey to Easter was written as a personal Lent meditation guide. However, it can be used as group Lent Bible study or at any time as a daily reflection on one (sometimes two) chapters of two of the main New Testament books of the Bible. Knisely’s personal reflections embody the everyday realities we all face while calling us into a deeper reflection on the mysteries and wonder of the Scriptures. Journey to Easter is a pilgrimage text — a way for you to travel through the story of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection and encounter him in your own day-to-day life.

My favorite part of the print edition is the image on the cover. I took that picture earlier this year while I was standing next to the Jesus’ tomb in the Holy Sepulchre while I was in Jerusalem.

The meditations were well received as I was posting them. It was the kind words that people shared that led me to write other Lenten Book that dealt with mediations on God’s Creation.