Deacons in Rhode Island

“to show Christ’s people that in serving the helpless they are serving Christ himself.” (BCP 543)

photo-2In the Diocese of Rhode Island there are over a dozen Vocational Deacons who are active in our parishes and also engaged in ministry throughout the state and internationally. There are many retired deacons who are still active in ministry in our Diocese, the national church, and even in Romania. Learn more about the history of the diaconate here.

At our Diocesan Convention, we gave thanks for the ministry of retiring archdeacon The Venerable Janice Grinnell, and instituted our new archdeacon, The Venerable Grace Swinski. You may contact the archdeacon at



IMG-2857We hope this page will introduce you to the work, past and present, of the diaconate in RI, and help those in our midst who God is calling to this special ministry of the church. Deacons are called out of their home church community, to serve in parishes and in the world at the direction of the Bishop, using their individual gifts and talents.

Deacons’ Handbook (2020 edition)