College Ministries

University of Rhode Island

St. Augustine’s Church is the Episcopal Center for the University of Rhode Island. Its community embodies a progressive understanding of Christianity, enlivened by the URI campus and its intellectual vigor. St. Augustine’s offers a place to explore, learn, and inquire into your faith at any age. Their worship is come-as-you-are, child-friendly, and informal. Life within this community offers camaraderie in the Gospel work of feeding, sheltering, and celebrating God’s goodness; practicing wise stewardship in creation; offering deep prayer; not to mention hosting great parties.

The Episcopal Center at URI is integrated into the life of St. Augustine’s congregation. However, there are several ministries that are by, with or for students including:

Chaplain Grinnell checks in with a group of students at Feed-a-Friend

The Feed A Friend program – a direct outreach to the URI campus community. Once a month parishioners host a meal in the parish hall for students. The only ‘admission’ is that each friend bring a friend. The menus are chosen by the students.

LGBTQ Outreach includes hosting the LGBTQ Spirit Group, joining Sing Out’s performances when they occur, supporting Coming Out week activities, hosting the LGBTQ Anniversary Symposium Opening, and enjoying getting to know the LGBTQ students through other programs.

Campus “To Go” Ministries started in 2013 with “Ashes To Go” on Ash Wednesday. Clergy and parishioners descended on the URI campus with signs and ashes so that students who were unable to make it to church were still able to receive them. The response was unbelievable and this has become an annual tradition. From here, the next step was “Hot Cross Buns To Go” on Holy Thursday; “Smarties To Go” on the day before final exams where students were given a prayer and a “Smarties” candy; and “Apples To Go” before final exams this fall. There’s no telling where this ministry will go…

The Rhody Outpost is an outgrowth of a talk by the director of the Johnny Cake Center and two of our URI students who recognized the hunger that exists on college campuses. With a collaborative effort from the Johnny Cake Center’s, the Feinstein Foundation, URI and St. Augustine’s, the students created a food pantry in St. Augustine’s facility that serves URI students in need of assistance.

Contact or visit  St. Augustine’s and Episcopal Ministry Center at URI.

Former RIC Chaplain Dante Tavolaro with students Mary Samuel and Derek Sherlock

Rhode Island College (RIC)

A new chaplaincy at RIC was started in 2017 when Dante Tavolaro was ordained as a deacon and began serving as a deacon at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in East Greenwich and as a Chaplain at RIC. The current chaplain is The Rev. Savannah Ponder, and has been working with students to provide food to students facing food shortages, especially at holidays. She celebrates the Eucharist on campus and is expanding her ministry there.


S. Stephen’s Church, on the Brown University Campus

S. Stephen’s Young Adults is open to Young Adults and University students throughout Rhode Island, and exists to provide a spiritual anchor for young adults and students, offering opportunities for worship, friendship, and service. 

Join them on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm for Evening Prayer with Mass in the Lady Chapel at S. Stephen’s, with dinner and fellowship to follow at 7:15pm.