Center for Reconciliation


The Center for Reconciliation fosters interracial reconciliation through programs that educate, inspire and engage. We envision a time when people of all races are reconciled to one another.

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The Center for Reconciliation is based at the Cathedral of St. John, where they share space with three partner groups: Church Beyond the Walls (, Rhode Island for Community and Justice ( and the diocese’s new Young Adult Ministries Office.

The Center for Reconciliation is a place where people can experience and participate in the work of reconciliation. The CFR hosts performances, lectures and educational experiences where people can be transformed and learn how to become reconcilers. We are developing exhibits that explore the intersection of faith and the slave trade in Rhode Island and New England. A traveling exhibit of six panels is now available on loan along with a presenter; a permanent exhibit is being developed for the lower hall of the Cathedral.

While the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island is taking the lead in organizing the Center for Reconciliation, this project will be an effort that engages the city, state and even partners from around the nation. Several of our area colleges and universities are already finding multiple ways to join this effort as are a wide range of organizations.

You can help!

  • Share names of people and organizations you think would be interested in this vision.
  • Tell us about programs you’d like to see as part of the Center for Reconciliation
  • Help us identify donors, foundations and granting agencies who can help fund this
  • Contribute your gift or volunteer to help one of the program teams

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Consider making a gift to the Center for Reconciliation. Gifts can be made online or mailed to:

The Center for Reconciliation
c/o The Diocese of Rhode Island
275 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903