Do not be afraid, behold, the Gospel moment is here!

Lamp and Christmas decorationThis year is not what we had hoped. The fourth wave of the pandemic is sweeping across the world. We thought this summer we were through the worst of it and that all things would be being made well by now. But it hasn’t turned out that way.

But don’t lose heart. For those with eyes to see, the light of God is still in this world and waxes strong. Christmas is the celebration of God’s entrance uniquely into our story, and that moment transforms our perception of everything.

This video is longer than usual. My wife and daughter join me as we use a liturgy adapted from the Church of England meant for family home celebrations of Christmas. This video is for you to use if you must stay home this year but want to keep Christmas somehow.

When I was a boy, one of my favorite family traditions was gathering around the piano on Christmas Day with my mother playing carols and all of us singing together. There’s an echo of that in this video, and though the production values are not terribly fancy, I hope it brings you a bit of light or a smile.

You can find the liturgy we’re using posted here.