How do we publicize our parish’s events to a larger audience?

The best way to publicize your parish’s events is in your local community.

Develop relationships with the community-news editors of your local newspaper, make sure you create and promote posts on social media (you might use Facebook, Eventbrite or MeetUp, depending on which is used most among your target attendees), and use word of mouth and post flyers.

If you create a Facebook post or Event, or a public Eventbrite event, or a single blog or website post about your event, and send a link to , we will share it on the diocesan Facebook feed as the date of the event draws near, to amplify the publicity you’re already doing.

The diocesan e-news is not a good vehicle for publicizing parish events, because the most effective publicity is local.

In order to keep its length somewhat under control, the diocesan e-news is reserved for events sponsored by diocesan-level or regional-level ministries, or feature stories about programs parishes may wish to emulate.

Sharing Facebook posts already created and posted by parishes is how we publicize parish events on the diocesan level.