LeaderResources is an Episcopal publishing and consulting organization that offers downloadable resources — most of them developed by Episcopalians for their own churches and shared with others.


The CHILDREN’S section has multi-year curricula including its popular WorkshopCycles which offers several sessions on the same Biblical story: art, music, drama, movies, stories, etc. It also includes short series often used for seasons or Vacation Bible School as well as intergenerational and home faith resources.


The YOUTH section has the same assortment of long and short term programs. But LeaderResources is best known for the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) program which is a six year process of spiritual formation for youth. This section also has several confirmation programs and several shorter programs including MIQRA, a weekend retreat where you read the entire Bible in 72 hours and The Many Faces of God, an intergenerational resource exploring faith traditions.


The ADULT section of LeaderResources has a wide range of adult formation resources including Journey in Faith and LifeCycles which are multi-year programs comparable to EFM. You will also find shorter programs designed for Sunday mornings, longer programs forevenings, programs for newcomers and confirmands, and resources focused on the seasonscurrent eventsspirituality and the Scriptures. The programs are downloadable and are designed to be led by average members of a congregation.


Resources published by LeaderResources (vs. those sold for other publishers) are available to Episcopal churches in Rhode Island for a discount you choose — 25%, 50%, 75% or free. Contact Mary Ann Mello for information on how to order or call 800-941-2218 for more information.