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The Diocese cannot carry out its many ministries without the generous gifts of supporters both past and present. There are several ways you can contribute to our ongoing work.



Bishop’s Discretionary Fund

The Bishop’s Discretionary Fund is a restricted fund enabling the Bishop to assist clergy and congregations experiencing exceptional pastoral needs.

Give to the Bishop’s Discretionary Fund


Cathedral of St. John preservation

The earliest parts of the Cathedral of St. John were constructed in the eighteenth century. By 2012 maintenance costs exceeded the available resources of the diocese and congregation, and the Cathedral had to be closed as a site for active ministry. Now we have begun renovations and parts of the Cathedral are once again able to house ministry programs. But much more work is required to stabilize and renovate the building.

Give for Cathedral Preservation


Center for Reconciliation

The Center for Reconciliation is funded by the contributions of those who participate in our programs and by those who support our work. We appreciate your support.

Give to the Center for Reconciliation


Episcopal Charities Fund

The Episcopal Charities Fund is committed to helping change the lives of Rhode Islanders in crisis and need by funding social service programs in the church and throughout the state. All administrative overhead is covered by a restricted endowment, so 100% of your gifts to the Fund go directly to agencies and ministries helping those in need.

Give to Episcopal Charities


Episcopal Conference Center

At ECC, we rely on the generous donations of our camp alumni and friends to help support our ministry. We strive to keep camp costs low, and one of the ways that is possible is from the generosity of people who participate in our annual fundraisers, our regular giving campaign, and our annual appeal.

Give to the Episcopal Conference Center


General Fund

The diocesan General Fund is an unrestricted fund enabling support of whichever areas are in greatest need.

Give to the General Fund