Bishop Higgins Award

For Distinguished And Meritorious Service

The Bishop Higgins Award was created in honor of the founder of Episcopal Charities Fund, The Right Reverend John Seville Higgins. Bishop Higgins, at the time, was Rector of St. Martin’s Church in Providence. He met with key people throughout the Diocese, lay and clergy alike, and a commitment to the well-being of Rhode Islanders was born. His vision to reach out into the community became a tradition of people helping people. This tradition continues today.

This vision became a tradition because the people of Rhode Island cared. Since the founding of Episcopal Charities in 1952, many volunteers have played many roles to bring us where we are today. Each year the Bishop Higgins Award is given to a special person for “distinguished and meritorious service on behalf of the Episcopal Charities Fund of Rhode Island”.

Recipients of the Higgins Award

2019 – The Rev. Deacon Edwin Hallenbeck
2018 – Ms. Nancy Dorsey
2017 – Mr. Edgar C. Bailey, Jr.
2016 – Mr. Bill McClintick
2015 – The Rev. Gary Lemery
2014 – Mr. Frank Cook
2007 – Mr. Paul Langmuir and The Rev. Deacon Paul Pickens
2005 – Mayor Scott Avedisian and Ms. Peggy Amatore
2004 – Ms. Carol Keiser and Mr. Harry Sacchetti
2003 – Ms. Penny Fisher and Ms. Donna Lancaster
2002 – Ms. Evelyn Brchan
2001 – Mr. Robert Tingle
2000 – Ms. Nancy Hudson
1999 – Ms. Meredith Marjorie Thayer
1998 – Mr. Philip G. Campbell
1997 – Mr. William Raymond Costello
1996 – Ms. Martha Parks
1994 – The Rt. Rev. George N. Hunt, III
1993 – Mr. J. Paul Wilson
1992 – Ms. Ruth Brindley
1991 – The Rev. Hebert W. and Ms. Elizabeth S. Bolles
1990 – Ms. Olive Hindle and Frank Daley
1989 – The Rev. Harrington M. Gordon, Jr.
1988 – Ms. Elke Moonan and Gail Peet
1987 – Ms. Marilyn Doebler
1985 – The Rev. Frederick K. Jellison
1984 – Ms. Joanne Dunlap
1983 – Mr. Kenneth Lagerquist
1982 – Mr. George J. Schaffer
1977 – Mr. Herbert W. Spink
1976 – Ms. Robert H. Goff
1975 – Mr. Robert O. Anthony
1974 – The Rt. Rev. John S. Higgins and Mr. Ambrose A. Campbell
1973 – Dr. Percy Hodgson