Parochial Reports

Each year our churches are required to file their annual Parochial Report forms with both the national church and with the Diocesan offices.  The Diocese also requires additional reports on endowed funds, church leadership, and a copy of the reports presented at the congregation’s Annual Meeting. Filing of the 2023 Parochial Report is open.

The annual Parochial Report with the national church is filed on-line.  Detailed instructions and worksheets are available on the Church Center’s Parochial Reports page. (Complete on line and submit)

Or download forms here:

2023 Parochial Report Printable Form

2023 Parochial Form Instructions

If you need the  log in for your congregation, please contact Joan DeCelles at the Diocesan office. If you cannot remember your password, click “I Forgot My Password” and follow the prompts.

Parochial Reports must be filed on-line by March 1.  Printed copies should be made for church records and for the Diocese. By January of each year, every congregation will receive a notice with a list of materials to be sent to the Diocese along with instructions on how to access the on-line forms.