Faith Formation for Adults

Christian Formation in the Diocese of Rhode Island is a life-long experience of living out your Baptismal Covenant. Even adults have room to grow, and here’s how we support this journey of our life in God.


Not sure where God is calling you to be? Vocational Discernment isn’t just for those contemplating ordained ministry.

Theology isn’t just for priests either!

EFM (Education for Ministry)

EFM is a program of theological education at a distance, offered by Sewanee School of Theology. The Diocese of RI is a sponsoring Diocese, and Students of EFM sign up one year at a time for this four year program that covers the basics of a theological education. Students meet regularly, usually once a week, in seminars under the guidance of trained mentors. The program grants a certificate of completion of the four years and 18 Continuing Education Units for each year’s work.

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Yes! was developed to help you create that life God is calling you to live. Rather than egotistically creating your own life, Yes! uses appreciative inquiry and conversation to help you awaken to the life-giving purpose that is already within you.

Yes! is based on several assumptions:

  • 1. We are made for a purpose
  • 2. We have been fully equipped with gifts and talents to fulfill that purpose
  • 3. We most closely manifest our purpose when we are at our best, being and doing those things that flow from the core of our being and bring deep satisfaction
Life and the abundant life that Jesus’ promised comes from what we deeply and profoundly say yes to, for it is in what we say Yes! to that we manifest our God given purpose. Learn more >


The ADULT section of LeaderResources has a wide range of adult formation resources including Journey in Faith and LifeCycles which are multi-year programs comparable to EFM. You will also find shorter programs designed for Sunday mornings, longer programs forevenings, programs for newcomers and confirmands, and resources focused on the seasons,current events, spirituality and the Scriptures. Programs are downloadable and are designed to be led by average members of a congregation. Those published by LeaderResources are free to Episcopal churches in RI — call 800-941-2218 for more information.

Check out our Learning Opportunities page for opportunities to deepen your faith by learning more about God, the Bible, and the Episcopal Church.