Rhode Islanders Attend Episcopal Youth Event

From July 4-8, seven youth from the Diocese of Rhode Island attended the Episcopal Youth Event in Baltimore, Maryland. This event, usually held every three years, is a gathering of youth ages 15-19 from around the world who assemble to learn, laugh, and worship together.

The Rev. Scott Lee and his wife, Ashley, served as their chaperones.

Together with their chaperones, the Rev. Scott Lee and his wife, Ashley, the Rhode Island contingent traveled with youth from other dioceses in Province 1 of the Episcopal Church, including the Dioceses of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The arrangement, Lee says,  provided Rhode Island youth with an opportunity to create strong bonds with other Episcopal youth from New England. “They laughed together, worshiped together, and were able to hold serious conversations with one another about faith,” he says.

Worship is often a highlight of EYE, and this year was no different. “While the worship services were absolutely Episcopal services, they were unlike anything happening in our churches,” Lee says. “Young people have an energy about them and when that energy is driven by faith, it is profound.”