Tea Time Theology Podcast Returns with Stories of Historically Black Parishes

A cup of tea with the Episcopal shield as the teabag tagTea Time Theology, a podcast sponsored by the diocese, returns for its sixth season on February 20.  While its previous seasons have examined how we encounter theology in everyday life, pop culture, and even bumper stickers, upcoming episodes will present oral histories of three historically black churches in the diocese that have now closed: Church of the Savior, Christ Church, Eddy Street, and Church of the Epiphany, all in Providence, and a history of the The Cathedral of St. John. 

 The idea for the histories was generated when Tea Time host Ivy Swinski met with the Rev. Patrick Campbell, rector of Redeemer, Providence and board member of the Center for Reconciliation, to discuss collecting the oral history of Church of the Savior. Inspired by their conversation, Swinski presented her collaborators with the idea of discussing Church of the Savior and the other historically Black congregations on the podcast.  

 “It’s a way of honoring those who were worshiping in these communities long before us and what came of them,” Swinski says. 

 While Tea Time Theology typically interviews only clergy, this season includes the stories of laypeople—some of them lifelong members of their congregations–to tell the story of each parish. Some interviewees, Swinski says, brought artifacts from their congregations to recording sessions to help the audience visualize their stories. Images of the artifacts will be available on the Tea Time Theology Facebook page. 

 Season 6 of Tea Time Theology will be hosted by Swinski, Campbell, and Dwayne Keys. Episodes air on Tuesdays in Lent beginning February 20, and are available wherever you get your podcasts.