“The Cross and the Lynching Tree” Study Guide

The Center for Reconciliation has created a study guide for “The Cross and the Lynching Tree” by James H. Cone.

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This study guide includes evocative quotes from the book, conversation starting questions, suggested prayers, links to thought provoking songs and videos, engaging activities and a variety of resources to help participants continue to deepen their knowledge beyond the five book study sessions.

This guide is especially appropriate for Lent, when we focus on Christ’s death on the cross. However, this guide contains more sessions than can be accomplished in a weekly Lenten study program. Group leaders will need to select which quotes and questions they want to discuss or will use within the first five sessions or consider or consider continuing the study program after Easter.

Questions about the study guide should be sent to the Center for Reconciliations program manager, Elon Cook at elon@cfrri.org.

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