Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Summer can be a valuable time to engage children in Christian Education — and can be an important offering to the wider community. Consider creating an ecumenical program if your congregation doesn’t have enough children and/or leaders. Also, consider offering a vacation program using the same curricula for VBS. Many families struggle to find safe, inexpensive ways to care for their children the week after Christmas or during spring break. This is an important ministry to offer to your community’s families. You might charge a modest amount to cover the cost of paying for some of your staff (e.g., an honorarium for high school students to help with the program).

The Building Faith website reviews VBS programs. You can also order VBS programs by LeaderResources at a discount (from 25%-100%). Contact Mary Ann Mello for information or call 800-941-2219.


NOTE: While these summer programs are traditionally called Vacation Bible School, some churches have moved to calling these weeks church camp or adventure week or some other name that doesn’t convey that this is the same as school. This also applies to the name “Sunday School.” Think about what you might call your Christian Education program for children that doesn’t send the wrong message to your children or their families.