Related Institutions

There are a number of organizations and institutions that were founded by the Diocese of Rhode Island, one of its churches or by a group of Episcopalians. Some of those have an official connection with the diocese — others have a more informal relationship. These organizations extend the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church in Rhode Island.

Hallworth House

Hallworth House  provides residential skilled nursing care and outpatient rehabilitation services. It is known in the state as the best nursing home available!

Edwards Homes

The Edwards Homes are five houses on Benefit street that provide 22 apartments for low income elder housing. The Edwards Homes are managed by Hallworth House.

St. Mary’s Home for Children

St. Mary’s Home for Children opened its doors in 1877 as an orphanage within the Episcopal Diocese started by the Reverend Daniel Ingall Odell, rector of St. Mary’s Church in East Providence. St. Mary’s offers comprehensive treatment programs  for boys and girls traumatized by abuse or experiencing the challenges of psychiatric disorders.  Children are treated and cared for in the residential, educational and out-patient programs located in North Providence, Rhode Island.

St. Andrew’s School

St. Andrew’s School was founded in 1893 by Father Chapin, the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Barrington. It seeks to help students who need an individualized approach to teaching and a nurturing, stable environment in which to live and study. About 200 boarding and day students; located in Barrington RI.

St. George’s School

St. George’s School was founded by the Rev. John Byron Diman in 1896. Located in Middletown RI, it is an independent school with an Episcopal heritage welcoming students of all faiths. It has about 400 boarding and day students.