Diocesan Archives

The University of Rhode Island serves as the official depository of non-current and historical records of many of the Episcopal churches located in Rhode Island. In 1976,  Bishop John Seville Higgins deposited the records of St. John’s Cathedral and the records of defunct Episcopal churches (which had been transferred to the Cathedral building) to the University of Rhode Island. Subsequently, other Episcopal churches have deposited their records at the University of Rhode Island on a voluntary basis.

You can see a list of what is filed there by downloading the Guide to the Records of the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island 1715-1990. These records are housed at

University of Rhode Island Library
Special Collections and Archives Unit
15 Lippitt Road Kingston, RI 02881-2011
E-mail: archives@etal.uri.edu
Website: http://www.uri.edu/library/special_collections/

If you are a member of one of our churches and have a question about how to file your congregation’s materials, contact Mary Ann Mello at the Bishop’s Office or the URI Archives. The Manual for Business Methods provides guidance on what records should be retained.


Eligible users and restrictions on use of the Archives

Before beginning research, everyone is required to sign the “Research and Guest Register.” A Research Form must be completed if the researcher is using manuscript or archival collections. Collections are used under specific restrictions and may not be removed from the Reading Room area or borrowed from the collections. Permission may be granted to obtain photocopies of items in the collections. A fee is charged for this service and the copying is performed by the staff. Care must be exercised at all times when handling materials. Consuming food or beverages, smoking, and the use of pens are not permitted.

The following links give you a list of the records for each church listed below:

Christ Church (Lonsdale)
Mss.Gr. 95; 1833–1989; 4.5 linear feet

Church of the Advent (Pawtucket)
Mss.Gr. 175; 1886-2005; 8.5 linear feet

Church of the Ascension (Cranston)
Mss.Gr. 96; 1885–1990; 12.5 linear feet

Church of the Epiphany (Providence)
Mss.Gr. 227; 1873-2009; 3.5 linear feet

Church of the Good Shepherd (Pawtucket)
Mss.Gr. 197; 1872–1985; 4.75 linear feet

Church of the Messiah
Mss.Gr. 196; 1855-2006; 57.25 linear feet

Church of the Resurrection (Warwick)
Mss.Gr. 180; 1947-2001; 2 linear feet

Church of St. Andrew and St. Philip (Warwick)
Mss.Gr. 222; 1843-2006; 5 linear feet

Emmanuel Church (Newport)
Mss.Gr. 228; 1877-2007; 30 linear feet

Episcopal Church Women
Mss.Gr. 99; 1875–1987; 8 linear feet

Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island
Mss.Gr. 41; 1715–1990; 68.75 linear feet
Mss.Gr. 41.1; 1810-2003; 44 linear feet

Grace Church (Providence)
Mss.Gr. 144, 1830-2005; 44.75 linear feet

St. Ansgarius (Providence)
Mss.Gr. 182, 1888-1974; 2 linear feet

St. George’s Episcopal Church (Newport)
Mss.Gr.211; 1833-2007; 23.25 linear feet

St. John’s Church (Barrington)
Mss.Gr. 101; 1858–1993; 16.5 linear feet

St. John’s Church/Cathedral (Providence)
Mss.Gr. 94; 1715–1990; 22.5 linear feet

St. John’s (Millville, MA)
Mss.Gr. 97; 1849–1985; 6 linear feet

St. Luke’s (East Greenwich)
Mss.Gr. 100; 1815-2001; 23 linear feet

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church (Warren)
Mss.Gr. 220; 1828-2010; 20 linear feet

St. Michael’s (Bristol)
Mss.Gr.. 185; 1718-1999; 59.25 linear feet

St. Paul’s Church (Pawtucket)
Mss.Gr. 106; 1816–1991; 27.75 linear feet

St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s Church (Providence)
Mss.Gr. 87; 1891–1986; 10 linear feet

St. Stephen’s Church (Providence)
Mss.Gr. 98; 1833–1988; 17 linear feet

Trinity Church (Pawtucket)
Mss.Gr. 107; 1847–1974; 4 linear feet

Trinity Church (Bristol)
Mss.Gr. 179; 1955-1966; 1 linear foot