Church profile: St. Matthew’s, Jamestown

St. Matthew’s is blessed in so many ways, including its location in the heart of a lovely island village, a striking sanctuary, and a wonderful choir and congregation. In addition, since the beginning of June we have been blessed with the arrival of a new rector, the Rev. Christa Moore-Levesque, and her family. She has a strong background working with children and youth, and has already proved to be an inspiring preacher and smart manager of church affairs.

St. Matthew’s provides space for a multitude of programs, including Alcoholics Anonymous, the Community Band, the Rotary Club, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. However, our thrift store is perhaps the heart of our community outreach. Consider: it brings nearly $40,000 a year. But that is only one measure of its success. The recently expanded store is truly ecumenical. Many of the dedicated staff are not members of the church, and it brings in folks from all over on Tuesday and Saturday mornings to browse its kitchen and dining supplies, clothes, toys and books. 

On July 20, St. Matthew’s hosts its annual Summer Fair, which typically raises about $15,000.

St. Matthew’s, 87 Narragansett Ave.; 401-423-1762; the Rev. Christa Moore-Levesque, rector. Bishop’s visitation July 14. website