Here are forms and documents that will be of use to church treasurers and vestry members. Any questions about financial matters can be directed to the Finance Director, Ms. Joan DeCelles.

The arrangement for the yearly  audit for congregations is due into the Diocesan Finance Office by MARCH 1

The annual audit  for congregations is due into the Diocesan Finance Office by SEPTEMBER 1.

Parochial Reports must be filed by MARCH 1

2024 Clergy Compensation Rates by Church

2024 Compensation Guide 

2024 Diocesan Health & Dental Rates

2024 Housing Allowance Declaration

Change in Compensation Form for Clergy- for Church Pension Fund

 New Assignment Form for Clergy– for Church Pension Fund


What income is subject to apportionment?

Information about insurance for employees is provided through the Church Pension Fund.

What is the Diocesan Investment Trust (DIT) Fund?

How can my congregation invest in the DIT?

Gifts of Marketable Securities 2017

Fiduciary responsibility checklist for congregations

Manual of Business Methods and Church Affairs-The Episcopal Church website has helpful information about business practices for your congregation